Remembrance Poetry

Remembrance poetry is an intuited response from a piece of art, a photograph, or an object a loved one held dear.  Within silent reflection, the essence of the departed is perceived and a poem is created in honor of their memory.

This photo was taken by a young man who died at the age of twenty-nine.   His mother requested a remembrance poem be written in his memory.   And Still, He Is, was written within contemplative reflection.

And Still, He Is

It was the kind of morning he liked, quiet grey, overcast, light snow falling and he thought, this snow, this kind of snow, is a sort of see-through snow, it hid some of the stories yet not all under his feet, he envisioned passers-by talking, some silent holding hands, others walking alone, and he thought about the people back then, now, and in the time yet to come. 

And as he walked over the bridge on the chilly, snow-lit morn, he consented to be solely who he was and in one precious moment, he did what few ever dare, he knew without doubt the snow and he were One; and he watched each perfect snowflake encircle his footsteps, saw his life in three places at once, understood himself to be then, now, and forever in the time yet to come

And the snow continues to fall. . .

Remembrance poetry is offered by Patricia Kaplan, a Contemplative Companion at Inward Grace.